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Princeton German Summer Work Program goes virtual due to the Coronavirus

Dear Princetonians,

I hope all of you are coping well with the Corona crisis. As you can imagine, our normal activities will be curtailed in the coming months. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to have our traditional Summer Get-Together this year. We may also have to hold our annual meeting in the fall over the internet.

The most disappointing aspect for me personally concerns the Princeton German Summer Work Program. We have many impressive applicants this year but they unfortunately will not be able to travel to Europe. Instead of just cancelling the program for this year, however, we have decided to organise virtual internships that can be done without the students' having to be physically present in Europe. A number of such internships have been successfully arranged and we appeal to all of our alumni in Germany to consider helping us to organise more. If you have a task that could be accomplished over the internet, please get in touch. We have computer programmers that could code up something for you as well as many gifted scholars who could do research for your organisation from afar. If you have tasks that lend themselves to crowd sourcing, we might be able to help you there as well. Please let me know if you have any ideas along these lines. Our program has been thriving every year since 1958 and we want to make sure that this year is no exception.

I would also like remind you that you need to sign up to our mailing list on our homepage if you want to receive all of our correspondence. You can do this by googling "Princeton Verein" and adding your email address to our mailing list file. This also insures that you receive all announcements from the Ivy Circle; a recent Ivy Circle posting from the Columbia alumni, for example, shows just how creative some alumni groups have become in coping with the crisis.

All the best and stay healthy,

David T. Fisher '69

Chair Princeton Alumni Association of Germany

Director Princeton German Summer Work Program


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