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Traveling in Germany


The Princeton Summer Work Program has provided summer internships to students for over 60 years. If you are an alumnus/alumna and would like to help out, please contact us. We are looking for paid and unpaid internships, lodging, and contributions to support living and travel expenses for students in financial need.  We are committed to a "need-blind" internship policy so that no interesting opportunity for cultural exchange goes un-utilized.

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Recruit gifted German applicants, and other applicants based in Germany, to study at Princeton!

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Recruit Princeton graduates

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Our summer work program for current Princeton undergraduates is need-blind thanks to generous donations from our members. 

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All alumni are encouraged to volunteer to serve as officers such as the Princeton Chair of a particular city or a project manager for one of our projects. Get in touch to find out about the many ways you can help Princeton in Europe! To contact or learn more about our current officers, click here.

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